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Akoustis Receives 5G Mobile XBAW Filter Development Order from a New Tier-1 RF Module and Filter Customer 2022/02/22
Akoustis Receives Five New Wi-Fi Design Wins –Total Number of Wi-Fi Design Wins Increases from Eight to Thirteen 2022/01/31
Akoustis Receives WiFi 6E Design Win for MU-MIMO Gateway Product from New Customer 2021/11/16
AnDAPT Introduces Power Solutions for Microchip PolarFire FPGAs 2022/01/18
AnDapt extends programmable power supply solutions 2021/10/19
AnDAPT Introduces Power Solutions for Xilinx Artix and Kintex FPGA/SoC Devices 2021/10/04
AnDAPT is revolutionizing power management with its disruptive Software Defined Power Solution 2022/04/27
ASIX Launches New EtherCAT to IO-Link Gateway Solution 2022/01/11
ASIX Launches New EtherCAT Slave Controller with Dual-Core MCU Solution 2021/11/24
Asmedia Products 2022/04/27
Augentix Products 2021/01/06
LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards 2021/08/23
High Power UVC LED Array from Bolb Inc. Demonstrates 99.95% Inactivation of Airborne Virus and Bacteria at 3,000 Liters Per Minute 2021/05/11
S6060 SMD 2022/04/27
S6060-TL SMD 2022/04/27
S3535 SMD 2022/04/27
1×1 Hex S6060 2022/04/27
2×2 S6060 Array 2022/04/27
5×5 S6060 Array 2022/04/27
1×12 S6060 Array 2022/04/27
UVC LED Reference Designs 2022/04/27
加特兰发布毫米波雷达芯片新成员:迷你尺寸,超群表现! 2021/10/22
加特兰Alps系列雷达SoC芯片成为国内首个完全符合ISO 26262标准的芯片产品 2021/08/16
加特兰推出雷达芯片系列教学视频 2021/07/20
盛科发布千兆以太网PHY芯片Mars系列 2021/01/20
盛科网络发布面向5G承载和边缘计算的第六代核心交换芯片TsingMa 2019/09/26
Cirel PMICs 2022/04/27
Cirel Mic Preamps 2022/04/27
Efinix® Announces AEC-Q100 Qualification and Automotive Product Line Initiative 2021/09/08
Titanium Product Line Expands to 1M Logic Elements 2021/04/06
Efinix® Announces Availability of Three RISC-V SoCs 2020/06/03
EPiCMEMS 產品中心 2022/04/27
LuminWave selects the ESPROS’ epc611 for its LW-FS8864 series of sensors for gesture control for light activation 2021/03/31
Door opening and people counting with ESPROS’ TOF 2021/01/19
Cliff detection with ESPROS’ TOF>frame 611 2021/01/19
Time-of-flight chips 2022/04/27
Espros Modules 2022/04/27
Eutech Products 2022/04/27
IC+ Products 2022/04/27
Kinetic Technologies Announces New 13W Powered Device and DC-DC Controller which Integrates a 150V Output MOSFET for Space-saving Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions 2021/08/17
PoE PD Controllers 2022/04/27
Smart Connectivity 2022/04/27
KYOCERA AVX Launches Industry’s First Evaluation Board for Testing Antenna Band Switching Performance at CES 2022 2022/01/05
Energy Storage Capacitor Technology Comparison and Selection 2022/04/27
New Series of IP67-Rated, External, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Antennas for 2.4GHz and 5GHz Applications 2021/09/23
Extensive Portfolio of High-Performance, High-Reliability External Antennas 2020/12/07
Antenna Solutions 2022/04/27
MaxLinear Partners with Advantech for PCIe UARTs and Multiprotocol Serial Transceivers for High-Performance Modular Industrial PCs 2022/04/13
AAEON Selects MaxLinear Multiprotocol Serial Transceivers for Ruggedized Tablet Computers 2022/03/31
Portwell Selects MaxLinear Multi-Protocol Transceivers and Bridges for Data Center & IIoT Solutions 2021/11/09
MaxLinear Showcases 400G Transceivers for High-Volume Hyperscale Data Center Interconnects 2021/09/17
Power Management 2022/04/27
Serial Transceivers 2022/04/27
Security SOC 2022/04/27
NFC solutions 2022/04/27
Barcode & QR code scanner solutions 2022/04/27
Magnetic Card solutions 2022/04/27
MEMSDrive Product 2022/04/27
Secure, interoperable Wi-Fi expands connectivity for more IoT applications 2021/11/02
NEWRACOM Introduces First Wi-Fi HaLow Sensor Solution 2021/09/22
WiFi HaLow for Long-Range and Low- Power Internet of Things: System on Chip Development and Performance Evaluation 2021/08/03
What is Wi-Fi HaLow? Players and future 2021/08/03
What is Wi-Fi HaLow? Part 1 2021/08/03
伏达率先推出通过车规级认证的芯片 2021/12/15
伏达发布第三代SoC无线充电解决方案,功率最高支持30W 2021/11/16
伏达半导体推出50W车载无线充解决方案,充电效率高达77% 2021/08/25
伏达半导体推出首款100W电荷泵快充芯片,充电功率稳居第一 2021/07/02
Sierra Wireless Launches Advanced Multi-Network 5G Router Powered by ON Semiconductor Wi-Fi 6 Solution 2021/06/30
Standard DRAM 2022/04/27
KGD DRAM 2022/04/27
pSemi Pushes the Boundaries of 5G mmWave Switching up to 67 GHz 2022/03/08
New pSemi Sub-6 GHz RF Switches Enable Hybrid Architectures in 5G Massive MIMO Base Stations 2022/02/16
pSemi Introduces Complete 5G mmWave RF Front-End (RFFE) Solution 2022/02/01
Rafael Micro Announces RT582 2.4GHz Dual-protocol SOC for Matter Based IOT Market 2022/02/07
Rafael Micro RT5 Dual-band Multi-protocol IoT Platform Officially Certified by CSA Zigbee Alliance 2021/10/28
Andes Technology and Rafael Microelectronics Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide High Power Efficiency Wireless IP Solutions for IoT Devices 2021/01/15
Seek Micro Core 2022/04/27
Seek Mosaic Core 2022/04/27
SiFotonics 联合源杰半导体推出400G硅光引擎解决方案 2021/09/13
Solutions 2020/12/07
Low-Cost, Low-Power 5G Infrastructure Transceiver Covers All Sub-7 GHz Bands 2021/06/14
SiTune Introduces World's First 5G Infrastructure Transceiver Solutions 2021/02/02
天籟美聲 沉浸體驗 智能聲學解決方案 2022/04/27
TenaFe emerges from stealth mode to announce launch of industry leading PCIe Gen4 NVMe DRAMless SSD controller 2021/03/25
联芯通 无线 Sub-GHz Wi-SUN 芯片 2022/04/27
联芯通 Homeplug GreenPHY 通讯芯片 2022/04/27
联芯通 PLC电力线载波通信单芯片 2022/04/27
联芯通 双模 (PLC + RF) 融合组网解决方案 2022/04/27
濎通 VC7xxx 系列 Sub-GHz Wi-SUN / 無線 MCU 解決方案 2022/04/27
濎通 Homeplug GreenPHY (ISO15118-3) 解決方案 2022/04/27
濎通 VC63xx PLC 解決方案 2022/04/27
濎通 G3-PLC + RF Wi-SUN RF + PLC 雙模融合組網解決方案 2022/04/27
Xsquare Communications 2022/04/27
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